Module 1, 2, 3 and 4: Advanced Programme in Professional Coaching & Mentoring


Wise Goose Class RoomGain the confidence and competencies you need to become an professional coach & mentor or deepen your integration of coaching in your existing field and receive a ‘top tier’ Association for Coaching Advanced Diploma (AADCT)


The course was beyond my expectations, I particularly appreciated the mix of theory and practice. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Building on the foundations laid in Module 1, in  Modules 2,3 & 4 you will deepen and broaden you understanding theory and add new techniques, models and competencies to your toolbox, you will:

  • build a more complete picture of the process and psychology of change
  • explore leading-edge coaching strategies
  • work with meaning and purpose
  • explore individual development within the context of our participation in wider, interconnected networks

The full programme takes about 300 hours to complete including Foundations;  total 130 class based training hours and an additional 170 hours study and practice time.  You will find further details in our Wise Goose Brochure. To enrol now and secure your place simply contact us to request an Application Form.


I would highly  recommend this very enjoyable course, I loved all the group interaction and having two facilitators to mix it up a bit – Anna Brewer, IPA4U

Recognition? Our Training is Accredited by the Association for Coaching at level 4/4, Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coach Training (AADCT).

Wise Goose is also an ILM (a City and Guilds Group business) Recognised Provider. Our  Advanced course is endorsed meeting ILM quality benchmarks on programme delivery, coaching content, resourcing and assessment.





barn-outside_Pic-300x199Barefoot Barn Chagford


The fee includes:

  • Assoication for Coaching 12 months  Student Affiliate Membership
  • All Modules
  • Course materials
  • Learning support & assessment
  • Two 1 to 1 supervision sessions (Advanced Programme only)

Who can apply?

Anyone who intends to become a qualified coach or professionals who wish to improve their effectiveness by integrating coaching within their current career.

Satisfactory completion of the Wise Goose Foundations Programme or equivalent is a pre requisite for the Advanced Programme in Professional Coaching & Mentoring.

Next Courses Start:

London April 22nd 2018

Dartmoor August 31 2018


Next Steps

Contact Helen  on 0778 753 1901

Download Wise Goose Brochure for all dates, fees and full details

To apply contact us to request an Application Form

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