Customised Programmes

Growing and retaining top talent is essential for high performing organisations. Too often, despite all efforts this is an unfulfilled aspiration.

We can bring any of our programmes in house – tailored to your own organisations unique needs. We can also co-design a program with your people, teaching it with them initially, and then withdrawing when the program becomes self-sustaining.

Alternatively we can partner with a team leader to create powerful, customized, and ongoing learning programmes, rooted both in the organization’s culture and our coaching approach.

Do you already have a workplace coaching scheme that you’d like to deliver more?  If you would like to take your existing  system to the next level we can offer further training for your manager-coaches, provide coach supervision or bring a fresh perspective to your routines and practices.

From time to time we take on projects that hold special promise both to add value for the client’s organization while giving us the chance to learn more about how our approach can be applied to new settings or challenges. In return for the opportunity to further develop our ideas and practices we enter into these learning partnerships on a reduced-fee basis.

Please contact Helen on 07787531901, or click here to contact us to discuss your requirements.


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