Why Choose Wise Goose?

Wise Goose digs deep into tried and tested coaching theory, but presents it with plenty of heart. The course is inevitably a journey into our own goals and approaches to undertaking change in life, leading to an understanding of how to facilitate the process in others. Janet Kipling BBC radio reporter, producer and presenter; Director Cake Publicity

What is different about our programmes?

At Wise Goose we recognize that people bring their humanity into the workplace and attempting to make a complete division between work and private lives is unhelpful. With this in mind, the rhythm of our courses weaves theory into practice and moves between focusing on your life and your work.  As well as learning how to use a range of coaching theories, tools and strategies you will make a development journey and grows the self awareness and self mastery that is essential in coaching.

We are committed to giving you opportunities to become an excellent coach. Our approach is grounded in action research, psychological approaches (primarily positive psychology and psychosynthesis) and systemic thinking. With us you will learn:

  • practical skills; how to listen at a deeper level, build on strengths, evoke potential and generate success based on clear, purposeful goals and an understanding of the impact of wider networks.
  • how to support people in moving beyond professional masks and bringing more of themselves, their passion and purpose to their work.
  • how to create supportive and challenging coaching relationships, where difficult conversations can be faced and powerful questions courageously explored.

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