Our Approach

Best for business, better for the world

The world has changed since coaching was first established. Today the traditional, linear career path is fading rapidly.  Speed of change, globalization, a call for greater accountability and a move towards ethical, purposeful and responsible business practice are a few of the factors that have dramatically shifted the landscape of work over the last decade. All these elements require a new approach to coaching that moves beyond ‘plan and implement’ methods towards more emergent, creative ‘test and learn’ processes.

At Wise Goose we bring a seriously playful curiosity to the questions of the kind of work coaches are being asked do and what the field of coaching might become in the future.

Today’s coaches need to work deeply and with breadth – beyond an exclusive focus on personal performance and narrow measures of success. This takes a combination high levels of self awareness, presence and skill. It also asks us to find the courage to step into ‘not knowing’; to help our clients engage with paradox and complexity and to foster flexibility, resilience, creativity and cooperation.

When you train with Wise Goose you will experience a psychologically-minded, systemic ‘networked’ approach grounded in Action Research and Psychosynthesis. These are based around a sense of wanting to serve deeper ‘worthwhile purposes’.  It’s an approach that includes the bigger picture – transforming the way we see ourselves and our place in the world, creating a partnership with clients to build a better world – we think of this as creating success with a soul.

Why do I love coaching?  It’s that feeling of making a difference; not just making a difference in one persons life, but knowing how small steps create ripples that impact their teams at work, their families, their communities. Because of this ripple effect I see coaches as powerful change agents, having the capacity to make a huge difference – this is the reason I chose this work. Of course making a living is important too, and coaching is a route to a flexible, viable career, especially relevant in changing times. — Helen Sieroda, Director Wise Goose

For more information see our Wise Goose Brochure.