Doors to be Opened: The Inner Development Goals & Wise Goose

Wise Thinking Partners is a hub and leadership development programme focussing on furthering the Inner Development Goals (IDGs).

Back in May, I visited Stockholm to launch a book and to reconnect with old colleagues and students. While there I was invited to co-lead a workshop on the potential of the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) to bridge the expertise of a community of psychosynthesis practitioners with the worlds of sustainability, business and leadership.  The workshop title was ‘Doors to Be Opened’.  

The buzz in the room that morning was great. The deep interest of this gathering of consultants, businesspeople, creatives, coaches and psychotherapists both energising and inspiring. By the time I got home I’d decided to see if anyone in our UK Wise Goose community wanted to explore ‘opening doors’ here by setting up an IDG hub. Since then, behind the scenes we have been busy co-creating Wise Thinking Partners – you can meet the team here.

 We are excited by the potential of the IDGs to contribute to purpose led, sustainable communities and organisations. The goals help us do this by putting the inner dimension on the map, providing an accessible language and framework for the transformative skills and qualities needed to develop our inner capacity to deal with today’s increasingly complex environments and challenges. Find out more and follow us on linkedin.

 Why do we need Inner Development goals – and how do they fit with the Sustainable Development Goals?

Worldwide we have known about sustainability challenges for decades, the Sustainable Development Goals or ‘Global Goals’ give a blueprint and shared vision and for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. But despite our knowledge not enough is being done to address pressing issues.  The IDG initiative is a response to the lack of progress, it maintains that part of the reason for this failure of progress is that most of us, especially leaders, need to be, think, relate, collaborate, and act differently.  

The European Parliament recognise this and have recommended the Inner Development Goals as an important framework to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

How does this fit with Wise Goose?

Wise Goose was hatched over a decade ago out of the belief that we as individuals can influence a lot, and that coaching can have a role in supporting people in developing the self-awareness, communication skills, capacity for complex thinking and leadership that’s essential if we are to contribute to the larger systemic changes.  The IDG framework fits seamlessly with the coaching and training we have delivered from the start. We believe we have experience and expertise to contribute to the IDG initiative, as well as a lot to learn together with those who join us in our hub.

And finally, ‘Wise Thinking Partners’ is another way of showing our commitment to ‘walking the talk’ as a BCorp, where our certification is underpinned by the Sustainable Development Goals.

So, what will our ‘Wise Thinking Partners’ IDG hub do? We aim to:

  • Bring people together around collective exploration and action.
  • Learn, innovate, prototype, practice and share application of tools.
  • Create local events, action days or programs to support further activities within the Hub.
  • Ally with partner organisations to help fund local and/or global development of IDG.
  • Share stories, recordings of lectures, event designs and presentations with local and global communities.

Next Steps…..

5th December – save the date!

The launch of our hub coincides with COP28 climate summit.  Come along to explore and play. We invite the curious to a place free from expectations. A space to share your wise thinking and learn together how to make business, organisations and communities stronger for a better planet. Register here

Can’t make it this time? To hear about future events follow us on linkedin

Contact Wise Thinking Partners

We’d love to hear from you. You can send us a message if you have any questions.