How to Choose a Coach

Paint Swatches

The other day a friend was quizzing me about coaching and how to go about hiring a coach.  It’s a big investment of time, energy and money and going about finding the right coach can be a daunting prospect. How can you maximize your chances of getting it right? What kinds of questions to ask? What to look for? How to ensure a good ‘fit’?

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Coaching Through Organisational Change


Recently, one of my clients described her leadership role as working in a minefield. She pictured herself in potentially hostile territory, without a map, not knowing if a bomb was inches away. A powerful image of turbulent organisational life; with economic uncertainty, rapidly changing technology, globalisation, restructuring, downsizing and good old fashioned acquisitions and mergers. All contributing to unpredictable, potentially explosive working environments, places where hidden explosives of depression, anxiety and stress can blow your life apart.

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