Coaching Thriving Unpredictability

2010-01-08 13.47.11The icy cold weather today inspired me to think about thriving and unpredictable climates. As I cleared the ice off my car, I aimed to stay focused, motivated and positive about getting to my meeting on time. I drove off very happily all cosy and warm, when I manoeuvred around the corner I was confronted by a road closure!. Living in the countryside sure has its pros and cons; I had to drive an extra ten mile round trip to my destination. Continue reading “Coaching Thriving Unpredictability”

Redefining Success – Coaching for Responsible Leadership

26 Oct 2004 --- Golden Nest Egg --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisIn the wake of the financial crisis the media spotlight has been increasingly on unethical behaviour in organisations. We’ve seen trust in leaders unravel and a crisis of confidence in institutions of all shapes and sizes. Society is calling for more responsible leadership and demanding that companies and individuals act with integrity.
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