Nurturing Creativity Coaching Tips

Wallpapers-creativity-14829192-1024-768Stop and think about the last time you thought about “your” creativity! Yes that word conjures up all kinds of responses and emotions. Of all the parts that make us who we are it is our creative self that can be the most neglected. It hangs at the bottom of our to-do list, or we see it as the property of poets and artists.

Real creativity belongs to all of us and can be applied to anything; from mending things, setting up a business, reviewing a career change or managing a project of any shape or size.

By connecting with our creative side it puts us in touch with own navigation systems allowing freedom to think laterally, freely and to reignite inner passions finding out about what drives you.
Six simple actions you can take to open your mind this week

• Say yes to something spontaneous
• Cook a new meal without a recipe and saviour it
• Take a different route to work
• Get up one hour early and write yourself a letter , set some goals you want to achieve
• Write a letter to someone who inspired you
• Go somewhere you have never been before

Creativity is one of the traits that has helped mankind survive, think about your creativity and how you can put ZING back in your life. Creativity is what happens when you act on curiosity, paying attention to what happens in your life.
At Wise Goose our coaching is creative, giving client’s permission to take time to really really think about what they really really need to enhance their wellbeing in a resourceful way.

Go on! Have a great week, take some action NOW and put some zing into your life and see what happens.

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