Wisdom Wellness and the Marathon

motivational quotes for success (15)[1]Well, wise and wonderful learning continues here in the beautiful South West this week, the London marathon was a joy to watch. Seeing the diverse range of runners always brings a smile to my face. The weather was great for a marathon and I am sure a relief for many!! .  I have set a life goal to run a marathon; but for now will stick with the race for life until I have time to train properly.

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Coaches and Connecting Wise Goose News

Wonderful Wise Goose News and Updates

2013-03-01 16.13.39 Rill - Coaching Connect March 22ndWe have been busy over recent weeks planning ahead for some amazing days over the next few months. We enjoyed a fabulous day at the Coaching Connect Spring Event at Rill Estate, Buckfastleigh in March.  Over fifty delegates battled their way through torrential rain and floods to participate in the vibrant mix of inspiring presentations, networking opportunities and the terrific atmosphere we’ve come to expect from these events. The energy and contributions were truly heartening and as a forum for professional development and networking it is brilliant. Continue reading “Coaches and Connecting Wise Goose News”