Wisdom Wellness and the Marathon

motivational quotes for success (15)[1]Well, wise and wonderful learning continues here in the beautiful South West this week, the London marathon was a joy to watch. Seeing the diverse range of runners always brings a smile to my face. The weather was great for a marathon and I am sure a relief for many!! .  I have set a life goal to run a marathon; but for now will stick with the race for life until I have time to train properly.

The marathon brings people, communities and charities together to make a difference; stories of motivation, passion and preparedness all influence us in one way or another and it is really heartening.  Wellbeing is influenced by internal and external factors, establishing respectful cooperative relationships with family, friends, community and the environment.

Helen my business partner here at Wise Goose is amazing, she effortlessly enables and empowers others, by being such a giving, warm and kind person  and consistently so.  We aim to invest externally in our communities and nourish our students internally to maximise on their personal impact and in doing so allowing them to grow and flourish.

Can you remember the last time you really made a difference .. was it?

  • An act of kindness
  • Going the extra mile for someone
  • Giving a child, partner, colleague or significant other time to really really listen to them
  • Empowering some one
  • Taking care of your own wellbeing by being kind to your self
  • Getting out into your community in a humble and simply giving to make a difference

Sometimes we become so wrapped up in the “doing” of life we forget to nourish ourselves and others.

It’s not a competition,  like the marathon,  it will bring rewards; so often on the side-lines of  great event there are enablers  people making the tea, handing out water , first aiders, loved ones all focused on making a difference.

Have a fantastic day whatever you are up to!  Wise Goose Wellbeing Days are on June 10th and 27th we will be covering wellbeing and being the best you can be.

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