Thea Platt

I have dedicated my life and work to environmental change, social change, and more recently health and wellbeing. I’ve cultivated skills in management, public speaking, community engagement, facilitation, HR, and, in recent years, have taken up leadership roles in these fields

Susan Bradshaw

Leading on professional development for 25 years in the heritage sector, I have realised that at whatever stage in life – it’s how you plan your journey and what helps you to reach your personal goal that is key. Daring to push the boundaries needs focused time to think about what to do and work out how to burst your bubble!

Three Wild Steps

I’ll invite you to create your own values-based map that will guide you whilst you take positive, incremental steps towards purposeful change. Visit my website if you’d like to know more about me or get in touch to book a free coaching session to help you decide if coaching is right for you.

Nicola Copping

I specialise in professional development, drawing on the management experience of a ten-year career at Director-level in Retail. I bring advanced empathy and communication skills thanks to my professional psychotherapy training. I provide an open and warm space for clients to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

Catherine Rees

Catherine specialises in building positive and productive relationships; developing and strengthening the functioning of teams; resolving conflict; reducing work-related stress; and enhancing personal effectiveness and wellbeing. She has worked in a range of sectors, especially education, health, social care and the voluntary sector.

Elaine Musgrave

Within your coaching sessions, Elaine may use creative activities alongside an understanding of patterns of behaviour and how they can be worked with to support greater self-awareness. Elaine works with clients to support them to bring their core values into consciousness in both their professional and personal life.