Helen Allonby

I work with clients to discover their values, strengths and gifts, identify and uproot skewed beliefs, uncover habitual thought patterns and explore dominating emotions. I guide clients to see that they have the capacity to choose how to be and then support them to have the courage and confidence to be their true selves.

I use Psychosynthesis concepts and techniques concerned with integrating the whole self. I draw on positive psychology theories, use mindfulness principles and techniques as well as somatic practices and philosophies derived from the ancient wisdom of yoga.

Although my approach is focused on inner work, personal growth and self-actualisation, it is not limited to personal or life coaching, but can be adapted and applied depending on the client and the context.  I believe in a world of leadership and management, or any role that carries responsibility, an understanding of the self is vital to support the growth, effectiveness and well-being of the self and others.


Christine Lines

I specialise in vocation and wellbeing and welcome the whole you, personally
and professionally. I trust in our thought partnership to reveal your strengths and inner wisdom – clarifying your priorities, learning from challenges and fulfilling your goals. Weaving the inner landscape with the outer adventure of crafting daily life

Olly Carter

Holistic Life Coaching For Adventurous Souls. I help passionate individuals achieve their goals. On a mission to transform lives and inspire positive change.

Glyn Bottrell

Glyn adapts to the unique need of the moment and individual/team, emphasising connection, a whole system perspective and embodied learning. He brings 25+ years’ practical leadership experience across sectors and countries, and much messy life experience. Experienced OD  practitioner, coach, mentor and facilitator, and accredited Leadership Values Profile practitioner.

Helen ‘Nel’ Bowyer

I will support and challenge you (with warmth and humour) to take directions that are right for you. I incorporate activities in nature together with breath-work and meditation. Many clients work in the creative industries or the commercial sector. (My practice includes a specialism of working with people who have fatigue.)

David Buckley

“An exciting young scholar” – NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

Founded on a diverse interdisciplinary academic background in both the natural and social sciences I support people in high pressure environments to overcome mental and emotional obstacles by managing their internal conversation and building resilience.

Thea Platt

I have dedicated my life and work to environmental change, social change, and more recently health and wellbeing. I’ve cultivated skills in management, public speaking, community engagement, facilitation, HR, and, in recent years, have taken up leadership roles in these fields

Susan Bradshaw

Leading on professional development for 25 years in the heritage sector, I have realised that at whatever stage in life – it’s how you plan your journey and what helps you to reach your personal goal that is key. Daring to push the boundaries needs focused time to think about what to do and work out how to burst your bubble!

Three Wild Steps

I’ll invite you to create your own values-based map that will guide you whilst you take positive, incremental steps towards purposeful change. Visit my website if you’d like to know more about me or get in touch to book a free coaching session to help you decide if coaching is right for you.