Helen Allonby

I work with clients to discover their values, strengths and gifts, identify and uproot skewed beliefs, uncover habitual thought patterns and explore dominating emotions. I guide clients to see that they have the capacity to choose how to be and then support them to have the courage and confidence to be their true selves.

I use Psychosynthesis concepts and techniques concerned with integrating the whole self. I draw on positive psychology theories, use mindfulness principles and techniques as well as somatic practices and philosophies derived from the ancient wisdom of yoga.

Although my approach is focused on inner work, personal growth and self-actualisation, it is not limited to personal or life coaching, but can be adapted and applied depending on the client and the context.  I believe in a world of leadership and management, or any role that carries responsibility, an understanding of the self is vital to support the growth, effectiveness and well-being of the self and others.