Coaching as Pilgrimage

Walking coaching DartmoorCoaching and pilgrimage – what’s the link?

My son returned last week tired but happy from walking the last stretch of the Camino of Santiago di Compostella with his youth group.  The ‘camino’ or ‘Way of St James’ is a 500 mile long walking pilgrimage route that’s inspired seekers since the Middle Ages. It had become fairly dormant but since the 1980s its popularity has grown, though these days it’s commonly taken as a secular pilgrimage – you can  watch this video about the camino to find out more. Continue reading “Coaching as Pilgrimage”

Effective communication starts with active listening – give the gift of attention

Gifts I love Christmas and the giving and receiving of gifts, but Christmas is over now and I’ve been thinking about a gift we can give all through the year – the gift of attention.

Most of us think we are good listeners (especially coaches, mentors and therapists), but a study into what makes good communication shows that professionals allow their clients on average only twenty seconds before intervention. Continue reading “Effective communication starts with active listening – give the gift of attention”