International Stoic Week: 25th Nov – 1st Dec

Emperor Marcus AureliusDid you know we’re in the middle of International Stoic Week at the moment?

No, well I wouldn’t have either if I hadn’t received an invitation to a workshop at the University of Exeter about how Ancient Philosophical Ethics could contribute to Modern Business a few weeks back.

I spent a fascinating couple of hours learning about Stoicism; the 2000 year old philosophy as way of life which encouraged resilience, flourishing in relationships and contributing to the common good. I had a stimulating conversation with a professor from the Business School exploring how these core values could be incorporated into our respective business models.

It was great to see, when looking at our Wise Goose website together, that we tick several of Stoicisms ethical boxes! We completely agree that today, organisations of all shapes and sizes face a crisis of confidence. Trust is falling. This includes values, integrity, as well as emotional intelligence, which are all recognised as being significant drivers of long term success.

That’s why more and more organisations are turning to coaching. They are looking to cultivate a ‘virtuous’ business by improving responsible leadership, nurturing loyalty, building on employee satisfaction and commitment, and of course growing stakeholder trust.

Putting values at the heart of everything organisations do, is something we at Wise Goose are thoroughly behind. In fact it’s an ethos we’ve also had since Day 1.

The Stocism philosophy can be carried through into today’s businesses and organisations, no matter what their industry. Is your organisation ready to embrace an ancient philosophy?

Find out more about Stoicism for Everyday Life and upcoming events on their website, or for more information see the Stoicism Today website.

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