Stop; Breathe;Take Stock

busy shutterstock_40161490Many thanks to Irene Brankin, one of the Wise Goose Team, for this guest post where she shares some thoughts about the stress, pressure and general busyness of life and talks about the theme of  her next book. Irene will be speaking at the Coaching Connect event on October 11th.

We’re all so busy ‘chasing our tails’ these days especially with social media, and all the new technology that is coming out. We’re being told how much we need these things and how they are different from what we’ve got – if we use them in the first place! All pressure and more pressure.

What I’m saying is that it is time to Stop, Breathe and Take Stock of where we are in our life – personally and professionally.

I am currently writing my second book which I’m calling, “I Don’t Care” and I genuinely think this is what we all can say to the pressure to be up to date and ‘with it’. It is so freeing and actually uplifting to come from that place inside and say, “I Don’t Care”. Maybe we should have an ‘I Don’t Care’ Day – we’ve got a day for most other things! Can’t you just see the card makers jumping on the band- wagon?

So this post applies to me and possibly to some of you coaches who are coming along to the Coaching Connect day in October. I am saying, ‘Wake up and smell the roses’. Life and technology are going so fast these days that we are facing a build up of stress – not just ourselves but also from the people we coach.

For me, taking time for yourself in whatever way serves you is what is important. Waking up and knowing that our own self-care comes first is how we serve others. Our caring comes from the heart and is not a duty or a ‘should’.

In my opinion, when we stand in a place of genuinely knowing this, we are then able to make a choice on how we are in the world without feeling guilt or shame. And it becomes a win-win situation for all concerned.

Looking forward to meeting and having a chat with you on the 11th to find out how life sits with you.



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