A New ‘person-centred’ coach training

The Wise Goose logoAre you at a career crossroads but don’t know which way to go?  Then be a part of our innovative coach training course, over two weekends here in the Devon, and discover the right values based work for you.

Afterwards you may want to progress to the Advanced Diploma in Coaching which we’re busy working on with EMCC (European Mentoring, Coaching Council) to ensure it’s retrospectively accredited, so if you decide setting up your own business coach practices is for you – you’ll be able to start earning a good living once you’ve completed this programme.

Over the past few months I have been helping Helen Sieroda and Annie Ford develop the Wise Goose brand.  They wanted a name to reflect how different their new coach training approach is, based on how we, as people, tick and relate to each other so we chose ‘Wise Goose‘!  There is a beautiful Asian folklore story about how a flock of wild geese were saved by the leadership, wisdom and skill of one of its members – the wise goose.  Click here for more.

The flying geese in our logo demonstrate our views on leadership and successful teamwork. The goose at the head of the V is not always the leader of the flock; geese take turns in leading and as one bird tires at the front, it drops to the back of the formation and another takes its place.  Now that’s what we call great teamwork!

The first course starting on 18-20 January 2013 will be deliberately small (maximum 16 people) at a very competitive price, making it hopefully more affordable through these difficult economic times. Come and find out the right work for you – I certainly wished I’d done a course like this five years ago when I left my 25 year elder care career.

We’d love to hear your comments about our name – do you like it?  Do you think it’s memorable?  We look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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