Coaching to cope with cutbacks

MOT pictureFor those working in the public sector right now horizons are changing at lightning speed.  We are in transition, lean thinking, SMART working, value for money, quality improvement, downsizing, down shifting, performance reviews and restructuring.  The reality is that the flows are changing, the world of delivery is changing, and the seasons are closing in. It is exciting, innovating, frightening and never before has VFM been so critical.

Our in depth coach training focuses on fine tuning, simple solutions, sustainable motivation, regular MOTs for students, to understand the complexities of change for life and at work. At this time of year we take our cars for MOTs, we buy winter clothing to stay warm and yet we forget the most important thing! To give ourselves an MOT whether for health or at work.

So as a new season opens up to us, have you felt the shift in the weather this month? The run into autumn brings new light and changes in the landscape. Preparation to meet the challenges ahead requires preparation and possibly new winter woollies! Have you asked yourself what you need to do NOW today to be absolutely brilliant – to be more resilient to retune or revive your motivation focusing on optimal wellbeing?

Never before has resilience, retuning and redefining been so critical. Have you skilled up to be a champion in the new climate?  Have you considered the energy and motivation needed to really make a difference, staying warm and being cool?

Wise Goose School of Coaching will support you wherever you are. Whatever you do in life or at work consider a MOT; it will energise you and protect you from the storms.

How are you preparing yourself for the coming season in the public sector?  We’d love to hear from you.


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