Christmas Coaching – Don’t stress the small stuff !

It’s the time of year when we are all burdened with too many tasks, finishing and completing work assignments, planning Christmas holiday, management of cards, food, guests, gifts and staff nights out. The Christmas spirit is all around us just look at some of the lights on the houses in your neighbourhood its screaming at us.

Stop and think just for one moment right NOW, can any of it be delegated, reviewed, downsized or deleted from the endless lists of jobs?

The power is in the time management and allocation of the unnecessary jobs to three piles i.e. do it, file it or dump it.. take the plunge..see what happens its magical.. do it now.

How responsible do you feel for other people’s happiness? How often do you stop to help some one out? If you often feel frustrated because other people let you down, you may need to address your tendencies to control?

It is important to recognise that having control is not a fault or a weakness. We all admire people who recognise when a situation requires they take charge. We can never ever expect to take charge of every aspect of our lives, let alone other peoples. The more we cling to control the more we invite disappointment and risk damaging our relationships no matter how good our intentions are.

Once we realise we don’t have to be on top of everything we instantly feel more in control of our emotions and the whole world feels calmer and others around us feel that too.

I had a wonderful message last night from the mindfullness network and the quote was from  WU MEN “ If your mind is not clouded by unnecessary things, this is the best season of your life”.

Good tidings from the team at Wise Goose spread the word we are preparing for March 2012 for our new foundation programme in Exeter and we are excited..

Share thoughts on how you manage time when you are too busy!


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