Coaching – Becoming more adaptable

Adaptability now that’s a wonderful word for the run into the UK New Year 2013! Harnessing and maintaining optimal performance in work and in life, a mean feat indeed.

Are you adaptable?

Are you flexible in how you juggle and manage self and colleagues?

Adaptability is the extent to which you can adjust to changing circumstances ad conditions. From an evolutionary perspective it’s a crucial process. Without the capacity for adaption there is a possibility of being left behind, finding new situations stress.

Thankfully it’s a skill that can be learned and improved upon with practice, many situations cause for reasoned thought and reflection rather than a hasty articulation of the first thing that pops into your head. Remember to read the situation before responding; in certain situations circumspection can go a long way.
So for 2013 start to think about how you want to respond and how you do, think of a leader you respect and admire; reflect on their behaviours and how adaptable they are?, consider how you can adapt? Be your own coach and use your own awareness of you own style of responding and see how 2013 brings new light to your life.
At Wise Goose our Coaching work is centred on empowering our clients and students to be the best they can be; adaptability is a skill needed in life to enable YOU and those around you.
So what will YOU do now to be even better?

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