Addressing Leadership Shortfall

Is your organisation doing enough to develop the next generation of leaders?

MP900398747 catching starsNew research  published in the Ashridge Management Index shows that many managers (48%) don’t think enough is being done to develop the skills and experiences of younger managers. As well as specific targeting of future leaders, the report recommends that there should be higher levels of investment in learning and development for teams and senior managers. Clearly, though there have been improvements, there is still work to be done in meeting the challenge of building organisations which value learning and development and appreciate the long term positive impact it has upon the financial bottom line.

What needs to be developed?

• One key area for development the report highlights is in managers’ ability to listen, consult and communicate clearly and effectively with staff. This involves understanding the importance of relationships and networks as well as having the skills to get the best from everyone.

• Alongside this, the report also points to the challenge of shaping organisations where integrity and respect are strong values. Trust has become extremely important in today’s business and political environment and both current and future leaders need to grasp the nettle of creating genuine cultures of trust within their organisations.

• Another recommendation relates to the challenge of creating organisations where wellbeing is valued. Work-life imbalance has implications for resilience, work pressure and stress.

How to develop the next generation of leaders?

Performance coaching is a tried and tested means to increase management skills. This needs to be coupled with developing emotional intelligence within management ranks, where leadership skills, self-awareness, and sensitivity to others are called for on a daily basis. Broadening  understanding of what we need to value in organisations and ‘walking the talk’ are also keys to future success.

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