Boosting Graduate Employability


“Soft skills tend to differentiate good college graduates from exceptional college graduates,” Joseph Krok, university research liaison at Rolls-Royce.

Group of Young Graduates Throwing Their Hats in the AirLast week as I drove through Exeter University campus, graduates in robes and mortar boards were ambling in the afternoon sunshine. It started me thinking about young people’s prospects these days.

Unemployment among graduates has soared during the recession. This year students graduating from university have slightly more positive employment prospects; a recent survey by High Fliers Research found a 4.6% increase in hiring, but competition for jobs remains intense. Another survey by leading research institute trendence found that graduates in Europe can expect to submit as many as 60 applications before landing their first job, the average wait between graduation and employment is six months with employers receiving an average of 46 applications per vacancy. The competition means employers are more picky.

Top employers are reporting that as well as good grades and the right degree they are looking for ‘soft skills’ – skills that aren’t taught in schools or universities but which can be learned and once learned built on throughout a career. Many of these skills include emotional intelligence and communication skills which can be taught through a good quality coach training. For example:

• The ability to listen and communicate clearly and effectively; the ability to understand how another person thinks and feels.

• Self management and the capacity to learn from feedback and adapt to change.

• The ability to interact and communicate with a variety of people.

• A capacity for self-awareness, focus and clear thinking under pressure.

• Being able to work well as part of a team.

• The ability to bring out the best in others.

Unfortunately, most graduates can’t afford to embark on a coaching training. So here’s a’hot’ offer: Wise Goose will run a 5 day intensive Foundations in Coaching exclusively for graduates and young people between 20-26 years old. We’ll only charge £290; a massive reduction from our usual fee of £950. The dates are October 20-24th; the group will be small: only 8 places. There’s no catch, at Wise Goose we care deeply about the future of our young people and we are committed to giving something back to society  – we’ll even do our best to find you a bed for £15 a night if you need accomodation. When we get six bookings the deal will be on.



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