Coaching News from Wise Goose – Focus Goals and Success

shutterstock_62102155I absolutely love the book called “The Magic of Thinking” Big by David Schwartz. I love the concept of success, it is so personal to everyone, overall he advises it is the sense of achievement when we achieve life goals, this helps our sense of fulfilment and health.

When coaching clients, working with goals is absolutely critical, so many people drift through life and forget to write their goals down. Goals  can be small, medium or large; they can be simple steps to achieve what you want from life. The only person responsible for your goals is you! you can share goals, however the work and determination must come from within.

I completed some training last week end and was delighted when the facilitator asked us to work out how many weekends we had left to achieve our life’s goals. I worked out my life expectancy to be 80 years which means I have 1560 weekends left to enjoy and to make things happen.

My refocus was instant, I went home and revisited my 5 year goals plan and added a few extra goals to ensure I was on track.  I have been advised if you believe you know “how you can do it” the “how to do it” develops within our subconscious mind.

On our Wise Goose Taster Days in lovely Dartmoor venue on March 1st, May 20th, July 15th and September 6th 2013, we cover aspects of goal setting incorporated into the coaching relationship, such valuable tools for living a fulfilling and happy life for you and your clients.

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