From Therapist to Coach

In this month’s post Rachel Jewell,  a Wise Goose student, tells us about her journey from therapist to a coach specialising with working in the field of female empowerment.

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Facilitating Change, one way or another!


My passion has always been to facilitate change in others so that they can achieve their chosen outcomes for their lives. The methodology for achieving a successful outcomes has changed over time, however my purpose has remained clear.

My career started over 20 years ago, when after completing a counselling diploma, I went to work with individuals who had housing & support needs, varying from being young and homeless to mental health problems, to drug & alcohol dependency. I was on a mission to make things happen, to make things change and I do feel like what I did made a difference to some people.  I then went on to train and inform key players in local government and the third sector to do the same.

Around 6 years ago after I qualified in Addictions therapy and was working in residential rehabs, I had a thought that I would like to move towards coaching. For the first 3 years, I thought about it… I went through all the reasons why I couldn’t do it. I had just completed a degree, I didn’t have the energy to do another qualification, I couldn’t afford it, it would have to wait and so on. But I eventually started to look around at different training courses, I gathered information and booked in for some taster days with various providers.

In October 2013 I met Helen on the Wise Goose taster day. I was really impressed by her professional experience alongside her ability to connect with us as a group. I made my decision to begin my coaching training the following year, a decision that proved to be the right one!  At last I was on my way to becoming a coach.

Initially I worried that I would forever be a therapist but the course learning and experiential practice did it’s work in providing relevant theory and much needed regular practice sessions, as well as peer coaching sessions outside the training days which were invaluable in honing a new skill. The outcome of my change has meant that I now have a whole new paradigm on working with people to facilitate the change they choose to make!

Since graduating I have started up my own coaching business focusing on female empowerment issues for women and businesses.  I became an accredited trainer with ‘Her Invitation’ to deliver workshops which cover 15 ways in which women give their power away (without knowing it!) The course covers many aspects affecting women from self-doubt to the art of negotiation to finding your voice through articulating views and opinions.  Despite the huge leaps forward of the women in our history; female representation currently sits at 23.5% of women on the boards of FTSE companies and women still earn  14.2% less than men.  This is a live and current issue that I really want to raise awareness around. International Women’s Day earlier this year asked us to make a pledge for parity. My pledge is to reach as many women as I can with the message that individually, collectively and generationally we can make the change.   So many years on I am still a woman on a mission!

I’m offering free seminars, workshop days and private coaching to women who want to have a stronger voice. The first one on the 12 May is all booked up now, but there are still some spaces left for the 19th.  Here is the link if you would like to attend : It would be great to see you there!

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