Wise Goose School of Coaching – Learning to say NO to GROW..

Trying to make a decisionWell how incredibly busy we are juggling family, work, hobbies, animals, charity work commitments, school governor demands and whatever rocks your boat!. No is one of the first words we learn as a child yet as we get older we find it increasingly harder to say.

We become concerned that refusing requests will cause conflict and stress, so we start to say yes to pacify and please.

Often this response becomes automatic, and it leaves us feeling exhausted. Saying no is the foundation upon which we can control our lives without it we are at the mercy of other people’s wishes and desires.

If we were raised in families where there are no assertive role models to emulate or in a family where obedience was the rule of thumb, we can be lost when it comes to knowing how to stand our ground as adults. This can cause all sorts of unnecessary stress and strain.

Most people are not assertive in all areas of their lives, we feel less comfortable standing up for ourselves in certain areas, while in others we don’t give it a second thought.

By being mindful and aware of when you are saying yes too often in life can enable you to recharge, redefine and refocus. Learning to say no can transform how you live your life creating space, time and a healthier balance.

Wise Goose Coaching School use a range of tools in our training helping individuals to say yes or no more effectively www.wisegoose.co.uk

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