Coaching Thriving Unpredictability

2010-01-08 13.47.11The icy cold weather today inspired me to think about thriving and unpredictable climates. As I cleared the ice off my car, I aimed to stay focused, motivated and positive about getting to my meeting on time. I drove off very happily all cosy and warm, when I manoeuvred around the corner I was confronted by a road closure!. Living in the countryside sure has its pros and cons; I had to drive an extra ten mile round trip to my destination. Continue reading “Coaching Thriving Unpredictability”

Redefining Success – Coaching for Responsible Leadership

26 Oct 2004 --- Golden Nest Egg --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisIn the wake of the financial crisis the media spotlight has been increasingly on unethical behaviour in organisations. We’ve seen trust in leaders unravel and a crisis of confidence in institutions of all shapes and sizes. Society is calling for more responsible leadership and demanding that companies and individuals act with integrity.
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Effective communication starts with active listening – give the gift of attention

Gifts I love Christmas and the giving and receiving of gifts, but Christmas is over now and I’ve been thinking about a gift we can give all through the year – the gift of attention.

Most of us think we are good listeners (especially coaches, mentors and therapists), but a study into what makes good communication shows that professionals allow their clients on average only twenty seconds before intervention. Continue reading “Effective communication starts with active listening – give the gift of attention”

Christmas Coaching – Don’t stress the small stuff !

It’s the time of year when we are all burdened with too many tasks, finishing and completing work assignments, planning Christmas holiday, management of cards, food, guests, gifts and staff nights out. The Christmas spirit is all around us just look at some of the lights on the houses in your neighbourhood its screaming at us. Continue reading “Christmas Coaching – Don’t stress the small stuff !”

Coaching to cope with cutbacks

MOT pictureFor those working in the public sector right now horizons are changing at lightning speed.  We are in transition, lean thinking, SMART working, value for money, quality improvement, downsizing, down shifting, performance reviews and restructuring.  The reality is that the flows are changing, the world of delivery is changing, and the seasons are closing in. It is exciting, innovating, frightening and never before has VFM been so critical.

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A New ‘person-centred’ coach training

The Wise Goose logoAre you at a career crossroads but don’t know which way to go?  Then be a part of our innovative coach training course, over two weekends here in the Devon, and discover the right values based work for you.

Afterwards you may want to progress to the Advanced Diploma in Coaching which we’re busy working on with EMCC (European Mentoring, Coaching Council) to ensure it’s retrospectively accredited, so if you decide setting up your own business coach practices is for you – you’ll be able to start earning a good living once you’ve completed this programme. Continue reading “A New ‘person-centred’ coach training”